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December 8, 2020

The New Kid On The Block

Welcoming the new kid on the block, HJ-PR is a full service PR, influencer and social media agency specialising in the sectors of cannabis, fashion, food & beverage, hospitality, spirits and lifestyle brands.

Co-founded by Holly-Jade Landeros and Fernando Landeros, both specialists in the public relations and influencer world, HJ-PR stems from a versatile background including local, national, and international level clients. As a full service agency, HJ-PR works to provide the full branding experience with individualised, tailor-made approaches in encompassing the brand and ensuring commercial success. They understand that there is no “one-size fits all” technique, which is why HJ-PR collaborates with each brand one-on-one to build a client-agent relationship and fully grasp the vision and personalisation of the individual brand.

From there, they are able to construct a thorough plan of action to progress the brand towards peak engagement and awareness. 

Some attributes that the HJ-PR team brings to the table include adaptability, creativity, a versatile network on a global front, personal investment in the development of brand identity, and a skill set in social media content management and creation that coincides with influencer relations. Working with HJ-PR opens the doors to more inventive, forward-thinking ideas and opportunities to help grow your brand identity as a whole. 

Although HJ-PR is a new agency, they are at the forefront of innovative publicity and marketing strategies, comparable to other top global PR agencies at cost efficient rates and always acting with integrity. They have consistently shown branding growth success in all aspects of PR, marketing, and social media sectors with hyper-targeted campaigns. Full service and operations are offered to all clients with a ready to go attitude. 

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