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January 7, 2022

Technology and the PR Industry

Written by: Angie Diaz

Technology is constantly evolving and always bringing new and exciting things to the table. Sure, there might not be flying jetpacks, teleportation devices, or robots taking over the world, but at least we have TikTok. And thanks to movies like Back To The Future, expectations were set way too high because everyone was really hoping to be able to drive flying cars and time travel by now. Though we may not be Jetsons just yet,  in the Public Relations industry amazing new tools have been developed to facilitate and improve maximum efficiency. And with so many remote options available in the industry, teleportation devices are no longer as urgent. This definitely helps redirect priorities to continue developing more platforms and valuable tools. 

More than ever before, we can access data at a touch of a fingertip; this has benefitted the PR industry because we can comprehensively deliver results faster than ever before. Being open to and embracing the changes has allowed outdated practices to disappear. This has saved workers unnecessary steps that result in vital hours being used in more productive tasks. We can now work smarter, not harder! Individually calling or emailing media, distributing press releases, researching, and building press lists manually are all things of the past. Those who know the struggle of creating a media list without the help of platforms know how tedious and time-consuming it can be. No seriously, those who deserve compensation for their efforts. These platforms are a huge lifesaver and leave time to focus on other matters. With platforms such as Business Wire, Cision, Critical Mention, Constant Contact, etc., those in PR can invest their time in building meaningful relationships with clients, growing the internal team, and creating strategies for their clients.

Although technology has completely elevated the PR industry, it’s always important to stay grounded and remember the fundamental basics that no technology can change; Putting in a personal effort to create pitches, creating and maintaining relationships with journalists. Human instinct is still a crucial aspect of what we do in this industry and cannot be replaced. No amount of technology can replace the charm and emotional values you bring to the industry. Moving forward, we have to embrace technology and allow it to make our lives easier; that way we can focus on the more important tasks that benefit our relationships with clients and the success we bring.

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