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August 30, 2021

Time management while being a full-time student and intern

Being a full-time student at a University comes with its own challenges, working an internship at the same time really crunches a student’s time. This is why time management is one of the most important traits a student could have when having so many things on their schedule.: – Steven Espinosa, HJ-PR intern

Currently I am going to California State Dominguez Hills, working a part time job and last but not least interning with HJ-PR. I noticed that my days really have to be planned in order to get everything done. Most days I end up having a few hours of free time in order to relax and wind down but staying busy is what I have gotten used to doing. 

In order to keep a busy schedule and do my best in every task of that schedule, I’ve learned to manage my time accordingly. My freshman year of college I was really bad at time management and I would constantly rush assignments or even miss a lot of important assignments. I knew I had to change something and it had to happen fast.

I changed a few simple habits that I noticed really hindered my ability to complete everything I needed to do on time. One of the main habits was procrastination. I was really complacent with what I was doing and I would always say “I’ll start it tomorrow”. Which should really not be the case, if you want something done get it done! Or else you never will. Also, I schedule my days in 3’s, mornings are for school, afternoons are for my internship and nights are for my part time job. Plan ahead and get things done, your days will go by smoothly with no issues. 

Be proud of what you’re doing, it may seem like you have no time but everything you’re doing will help you in the future. Busy days are the best days, managing your time and planning your days will help ease the stress of being in a rush. Figure out the habits that make you struggle with time management and work on changing those habits, for the better!

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