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November 11, 2022

Why your Instagram isn’t growing

Written by Karissa Crockett, HJ-PR Intern

You finally bit the bullet – you created an Instagram account, and you’re posting content that you love! It doesn’t take you too long before you start seeing growth… but after a while, you notice a lack of comments, a dwindling number of followers, and you can’t seem to hit as many likes as you used to. Here are a few reasons why your Instagram isn’t growing.  

Consistency- One of the reasons you might not be growing is you’re not consistent. Now being consistent doesn’t require you to post every day, but posts being weeks apart isn’t going to help your account. To combat inconsistency, have a set schedule of how much you post per week or per day. This helps your audience know when to expect new content from you. It also helps you create a routine.

You don’t have a Niche- Try and pinpoint exactly what you want to display on your social media. Rather than fashion, beauty, travel, or food. Your account should have a clear focus as to what you’re all about. This way it will be easier for the algorithm to pick up your account and promote you on pages similar to yours and your audience. 

No Community/Mutuals- One way to get out of the rut is to simply engage with the community and followers you have. Reply and like comments made on your post. This will make your followers feel seen and want to engage more. Don’t be shy and message people who make content like you. It’s a great way to receive and give new tips and even helps you make new friends! 

You’re Not Utilizing different Features- Instagram has many tools and features to help your account grow. Sticking to only posts can hinder all of your potential growth. Posting reels can get your account across to people who usually don’t come across your page. Creating stories with polls can help boost engagement. While checking out your analytics can help you find out what your audience does and doesn’t like.   

Don’t let the rut you are in take you out of the Instagram game. After following a few of these tips you might see a change in the trajectory of your account.

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