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March 13, 2023

Why Brand Authenticity Is Important For Gen Z’ers

Written by Carmellina Blasi, HJ-PR Spring Intern

Generation Z (Gen Z) is the first generation fully to grow up with social media and unlimited access to the internet. This has caused a huge influence in their culture and allowed them to be transparent and accepting of mental health, diversity and inclusion, and social movements. They embrace authenticity and being able to have their own differences. This has caused a shift in how brands communicate themselves to Gen Z.

Having brand authenticity is a necessity in order to stand out and be trusted by this younger generation. Gen Z does not respond to over flashy traditional ads that make them feel sold to. They want a genuine and credible connection when having an experience with a brand. 

Brand Authenticity has become a significant factor for young consumers when deciding which brands they support and shop from. Brands should have a voice in causes that are important to Gen Z in order to build that trusting relationship with them. Data found that 89% of young consumers would rather shop from brands that support social and environmental issues over ones that don’t. Being silent will cause you to miss out on this demographic. 

How to Build Brand Authenticity:

Brand authenticity is how a consumer believes a brand is genuine to themselves and their consumers. With the rise in social media, young consumers are aware and they listen to brands. They want to know that they can trust them and what they stand for. Here are a few ways you can begin to build brand authenticity:

  1. Consistency 
    1. Have consistent brand messaging across platforms.
    2. Develop a brand mission.
    3. Build a social media presence.
  1. Show Authenticity Through Actions:
    1. Telling the customer is not enough, you need to prove it to them as well.
    2. Show it through marketing campaigns.
    3. Transparency is important.
  1. Engaging in Conversations:
    • Gen Z respects two-way conversation with a brand:
      1. Give feedback.
      2. Answer questions.
      3. Respect customer opinions.

Building brand authenticity is more important than ever in the age of social media. In order to stand out to Gen Z, you need to know what your brand stands for and prove it to them. As long as your brand stays true to its roots and to the customers, the trusting relationships will begin to happen. 

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